Quick and efficient claim handling

Keep claims from all your retailers in one place to ensure a quick and uniform process

Register your brand

When you register your brand, you mark the product information and photo documentation retailers need to upload when submitting a claim.

Write your guidelines and optionally add a link to an extended claiming guide.

claim ticket

When the retailer submits a claim you get an overview of the information, a short description, pictures, and product information. 

Communicate with the retailer or your external collaborators to resolve the claim as quickly as possible.

If the information is all there, you can decide immediately whether or not to accept the claim.


Claim overview

Get a full overview of all your claims, both open and claims that have already been handled.

Never again lose track of your claims and keep your retailers happy.


embrace the benefits

One platform

Handle all your claims on one platform. Check on your claims at any time.

Pictures - worth more than A 1000 words

Claimlane guides your retailers through submitting a claim so you get the documentation, pictures and product information that suits your needs.

First class brand

Keep your retailers happy by handling their claims quickly and seamlessly - they will love you for it.





  • Up to 5.000 claims per year
  • Quick claim flow
  • Claim overview
  • Claim analytics
  • Search your claims
  • Support


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  • Custom number of claims
  • Quick claim flow
  • Claim overview
  • Claim analytics
  • Search your claims
  • Support
  • Integration with Claimlane API
  • Customization

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