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Claim tracking made easy and deep insights through an advanced analytics tool 

Who we are

Claimlane is a Copenhagen based fashion tech company. The idea for Claimlane was born when Jakob, the founder, worked as a fashion wholesaler. He got fed up with the inefficient way complaints were handled in the local fashion scene.

Today we are a team set out on a mission to eliminate time-wasting processes and dead ends. A world without frustrations and waste of time caused by faulty products. 


The story

I never really felt relaxed while driving home from work.

Unsettled complaints was always taking space up inside my mailbox, on my desk or in my mind. Trying out different systems and yet not feeling at ease on my ride home, I started asking retailers and their staff for advice!

I came to realize, that there is a thousand different ways for retailers to handle complaints. To handle them in a smarter way, we would have to build a unified complaint platform, for brands and their retailers.

Jakob (Co-Founder)

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